Customiser options – Background Image

Options are set in Customiser > Background Image Background image can be set on home page with responsive background image and background colour on background image options.

Customiser options – Colours

Options are set in Customiser > Colours General colour setup for buttons, links, inputs, widget texts, layout backgrounds. Other colours options are also available in various other relevant sections.

Max Mega Menu Integration

For full width primary main menu, select the Menu Theme used and set in: Mega Menus: #site-navigation as the Inner width and Outer width to set full width on Mega Panel. Mobile menu: enable Force Full Width with selector body for Mobile Menu.

Additional options – posts and pages

Addtional options exists in various pages and posts during edit if Advanced Custom Fields plugin is installed and activated. Header, Footer and Titles You may set: page/post header with image, background colour or slider. page/post title/subtitle in header page/post footer width Sidebar You may choose: Sidebar to display Display position – Left ot right Display …

Hooks (for developers)

DFU Business Accelerator has been build for users of all levels with hooks to make modifications and extensions easy. Actions Header dfu_busacc_a_before_custom_header dfu_busacc_a_after_custom_header dfu_busacc_a_after_header Page Content dfu_busacc_a_after_page_content Sidebar dfu_busacc_a_before_sidebar dfu_busacc_a_after_sidebar Footer dfu_busacc_a_before_footer dfu_busacc_a_between_footers Bottom Footer dfu_busacc_a_below_copyright_msg Front page dfu_busacc_a_after_cta_widget dfu_busacc_a_hp_sections dfu_busacc_a_hp_after_content Post dfu_busacc_a_after_post_content dfu_busacc_a_before_post_end dfu_busacc_a_after_post WooCommerce dfu_busacc_a_before_shop dfu_busacc_a_after_shop Filters dfu_busacc_f_backtotop_faicon – Back to top Font …

Extending with a child theme

By using a child theme you can modify or add to the child theme’s files and this will ensure that your modifications are preserved whenever the parent theme is updated. Get DFU Business Accelerator child theme.

Customiser options – General

Options are set in Customiser > Theme Setup and Options > General Provides options to set miscellaneous areas of the theme: Buttons Input Back to top options Show/hide search Load Font Awesome 5

Customiser options – Typography

Options are set in Customiser > Theme Setup and Options > Typography Provides options to setup default fonts and h1 to h6 heading styles.

Customiser options – Business

Options are set in Customiser > Theme Setup and Options > Business Provides options to setup and display your business registration information to display at bottom footer.

Customiser options – Theme defaults

Options are set in Customiser > Theme Setup and Options > Theme defaults Provides options to set defaults on: Title styles Header width Footer width Sidbars