Technical background

The System Development Life Cycle “SDLC” is composed of a number of clearly defined and distinct work phases to deliver a solution. It consists of the processes of planning, analysis, implementation, testing, training and deployment.

At Design For U, we follow the development life cycle with agility to ensure requirements are met and quality is maintained.

Here is a summary of our processes:-

  • Analysis – analyse our customer need, research, build information architecture and detailed plan with recommendations as well as budget estimation.
  • Design – based on the plan and complexity, we plan the page layout with low or high fidelity wireframe or a prototype.
  • Build – configure, code and perform unit testing on all customisations.
  • Test – thorough testing on all functionalities.
  • Deploy – provide training and conduct any kickoff activities before site launch.

WooCommerce is an open source ecommerce plugin for WordPress, it is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress.

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS). In order to use, WordPress has to be installed on a web server.
WordPress is reportedly the most popular website management or blogging system in use on the Web, supporting more than 60 million websites.

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