Timesheet and Billing Application

Timesheet and Billing (TSB) is designed for small businesses to log employees’ time and expenses against customers’ projects and therefore provide a solution to generate invoices for customers or projects. TSB can be run in single or multi-user mode. One may choose to run TSB in single user mode and move to multi-user mode as the business grows.

TSB consists of 4 main modules

  1. Companies
  2. Employees
  3. Customers
  4. Projects

with Invoice generation capability as well as a number of reports for employees, customers and projects.



Timesheet and Billing Application (TSB) consists of 4 main modules Companies, Employees, Customers and Projects. It provides invoice generation capability from customers and projects. TSB also provides a number of employees, customers and projects reports. Application tab on the ribbon provides access to these modules organised by groups.

Timesheet and billing ribbon

  1. Manage My Company – owner company and employees forms
  2. Manage My Customers – Customers, Projects and customer’s companies forms
  3. All Companies – Shows all companies
  4. Company List – Lists all companies
  5. Owner Set Up – Set up owner and application information
  6. Employees – Set up employees
  7. Employee List – List all Employees
  8. Customers – Set up and manage customers and generate invoices
  9. Projects – Set up and manage projects, log project hours and generate invoices
  10. Company – Set up customer’s company
  11. Customers List – List customers
  12. Projects List – List projects
  13. Reports – List of filterable reports, reports availability based on User Level.
  14. Update User Password – Users can update password after logged in
  15. Help – Open help file located in subfolder “User Guide”
  16. Close Window – Close current window
  17. Exit Application – Quit TSB

Additional tab sets with contextual tabs like data management tab, print tab and export tab as well as shortcut menus are available to Forms and Reports.


TSB generate invoice based on all worked hours and expenses that have not been billed and the date must be on or before the date invoice is generated. Additionally, it would pick up outstanding balances to include into current invoice.

The main steps for invoicing in TSB are:

  1. Log Project work hours
  2. Log Project Expenses
  3. Export invoice
  4. Record Invoice
  5. Update Project Payments


In consideration that a lot of small businesses do not have budget to develop an enterprise looking application. A number of branding functionalities was included into TSB. As a result, businesses can change colours and fonts in TSB that match with their own brand. Additionally they can incorporating their company icons and logo. Finally, small businesses can own an application which look like it was custom built at a fraction of the cost required by enterprises.


Timesheet and billing application has 3 levels of security for businesses to choose based on their needs. The security levels range from No login required, Admin login required to Login required for all users. Furthermore, users can be set up as Administrator or Users. Availability of some of the functionalities is based on the combination of security level set for the application and user level set for individual users.


Timesheet and billing application is built with Microsoft Access 2016, however Microsoft Access 2016 runtime downloadable free from Microsoft can also be used. If you have already installed Microsoft Office on your workstation(s) then you need to download and install the version with same bits (32 or 64) that match with your Office for Microsoft Access runtime.

Likewise, TSB comes in both 32 bits and 64 bits to match the Microsoft Access 2016/Microsoft Office version you are using.


Low learning curve

Application features and commands are organised into groups of related commands and tabs on the ribbon to help users to find, understand, and use commands efficiently

Time saver

Provides both administration and user guide to save you and your user’s time to concentrate on your business leaving the work to the application


But features rich

Easy Business Branding

Choose your business colours for the application with your company icons and logo integrated to application forms providing you a sophisticated business application

Modern design

Modern looking design taking special considerations on user interface design and usability to provide good user experience


Single to multi-user as business grow


No need to worry about web security as your data stays with you

Easy Manintainance

Only required regular backup on database file

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