Design for U has taken all of my technical stress away. I was very lucky to have Joyce to advise me what I should do with my website since Spring 2017 when we changed our business from service based to online retail/e-commerce; and we had to have that done fairly quickly, in order to meet with the high season end of last year. It also took me some time to get around what I want the customer experience to be when they come online while in consideration of my workflow, without Joyce’s guidance I would be quite lost and frustrated because I don’t know what is possible. It ended up a very smooth experience. Earlier this year, it was decided that we need to change all the back end so that we have a smoother workflow, including hosting, order management, synchronised stock management while onsite & online, payment, shipping, social media integration etc. In between she also ensures that we are crawled & ranked on Google, using the right keywords, all files / images are captioned correctly, ensuring all the analytics are being tracked etc. She made it all stress-free for me, and she comes to me only with her progress, what I need to make decisions of, be aware of, and always thinking of what could be done better. If I was doing it on my own, it would have taken me at least 300% more time to have it done, and not half as good. I can’t recommend Design for U more, she really takes away my worries and stress. Thank you, Joyce.