Initial setup and updates

Automatic from

  1. In your admin panel, go to Appearance > Themes and click the Add New button.
  2. Enter DFU BusAcc in the Search themes… box, then click Install in the DFU BusAcc result.
  3. Click Activate to use your new theme right away.

Manual from downloaded theme’s zip file

  1. Download theme from
  2. In your admin panel, go to Appearance > Themes and click the Add New button.
  3. Click Upload Theme and Choose File, then select the theme’s .zip file. Click Install Now.
  4. Click Activate to use your new theme right away.

Follow the steps in Appearance > DFUBA theme setup to perform initial theme setup.
The theme recommends the following plugin to be install for full functionalities during setup.

  1. Kirki Customizer Framework – to display all customizer’s options
  2. Advanced Custom Fields – to display additional options for header, footer, page layout, sidebar etc during pages and posts setup

Initialisation and colours for branding are setup in Customiser > Theme Setup and Options > Theme initialisation & Info

Note: Users may disable both Kirki Customizer Framework and Advanced Custom Fields after setup.

The theme supports the integration with the following plugins

  1. Max Mega Menu
  2. WooCommerce

DFU Business Accelerator is available from can be updated in the themes area of your dashboard. When an update is available, click Update now to update the theme to the latest version.

Theme options

There are over 100 customiser’s options in the theme and over 50 additional options for WooCommerce. These options are available when Kirki Customizer Framework plugin is installed and activated.

Theme specific customiser options are found in Theme Setup and Options, Colours, Home Page Header, Home Page and Sections and Background Image in Cusotmiser.

Options are set in Customiser > Colours

General colour setup for buttons, links, inputs, widget texts, layout backgrounds. Other colours options are also available in various other relevant sections.

Options are set in Customiser > Theme Setup and Options > Theme defaults

Provides options to set defaults on:

  1. Title styles
  2. Header width
  3. Footer width
  4. Sidbars

Options are set in Customiser > Theme Setup and Options > Layout

Provides options in various sections:

  1. Top bar with widget
  2. 3 Menu header layout with sticky menu option. Options are logo on menu left, logo on menu top and menu (for integration with menu plugins which handles logo)
  3. Additional sidebars
  4. Footer widgets

Options are set in Customiser > Theme Setup and Options > Typography

Provides options to setup default fonts and h1 to h6 heading styles.

Options are set in Customiser > Theme Setup and Options > General

Provides options to set miscellaneous areas of the theme:

  1. Buttons
  2. Input
  3. Back to top options
  4. Show/hide search
  5. Load Font Awesome 5

Options are set in Customiser > Theme Setup and Options > Blog

Provides options to set:

  1. Posts listing thumbnail size
  2. Single post image size
  3. Show/hide icons
  4. Tags styling

Additional options are available in posts if Advanced Custom Fields is installed and activated

Options are set in Customiser > Theme Setup and Options > Business

Provides options to setup and display your business registration information to display at bottom footer.

Options are set in:
Customiser > WooCommerce > Single Product
Provides options for Single product display styles, related and upsell products.

Customiser > WooCommerce > Shopping Cart
Provides options on Cross Sell products, Cart on menu and Cart icon.

Customiser > WooCommerce > Miscellaneous
Provides options for WooCommerce colours, breadcrumb, Sale tags as well as Sidebar options on WooCommerce pages for single product, shop and shop category pages.

Customiser > WooCommerce > Product Catalogue
Provides options on Product listing on catalogue pages as well as before and after catalog listing.

Options are set in Customiser > Home Page Header

Upload images to display an image, a random image or a slider on front page.
Texts can be added to display on side with variable image width, or to display on image where texts position on image can be set

Options are set in Customiser > Home Page and Sections

Provides options to set additional sections under home page header

  1. CTA – CTA background could be set to colour, image or colour and image. It also provides a heading, a message and a button with link
  2. Widget – additional widget to display more information under CTA

Addtional options exists in various pages and posts during edit if Advanced Custom Fields plugin is installed and activated.

Header, Footer and Titles

You may set:

  1. page/post header with image, background colour or slider.
  2. page/post title/subtitle in header
  3. page/post footer width


You may choose:

  1. Sidebar to display
  2. Display position – Left ot right
  3. Display width – from extra narrow to half (2/12 – 6/12)

Post display (post only)

You may choose to show/hide:

  1. Featured image in single post
  2. Post date
  3. Aauthor and link to author
  4. Categories
  5. Tags

Schema (page only)

Choose the schema to display in.

Options are set in Customiser > Background Image

Background image can be set on home page with responsive background image and background colour on background image options.

For full width primary main menu, select the Menu Theme used and set in:

Mega Menus: #site-navigation as the Inner width and Outer width to set full width on Mega Panel.
Mobile menu: enable Force Full Width with selector body for Mobile Menu.

Extending the theme

By using a child theme you can modify or add to the child theme’s files and this will ensure that your modifications are preserved whenever the parent theme is updated.

Get DFU Business Accelerator child theme.

DFU Business Accelerator has been build for users of all levels with hooks to make modifications and extensions easy.




Page Content






Bottom Footer


Front page







dfu_busacc_f_backtotop_faicon – Back to top Font awesome icon
dfu_busacc_f_backtotop_icon – Back to top icon
dfu_busacc_f_search_faicon – Search Font awesome icon
dfu_busacc_f_search_icon – Search icon
dfu_busacc_f_modal_search_text – Search text
dfu_busacc_f_postedon_faicon – Blog posted on Font awesome icon
dfu_busacc_f_postedon_icon – Blog posted on icon
dfu_busacc_f_postedby_faicon – Blog posted by Font awesome icon
dfu_busacc_f_postedby_icon – Blog posted by icon
dfu_busacc_f_cat_faicon – Blog category Font awesome icon
dfu_busacc_f_cat_icon – Blog category icon
dfu_busacc_f_tag_faicon – Blog tags Font awesome icon
dfu_busacc_f_tag_icon – Blog tags icon
dfu_busacc_f_cart_faicon – WooCommerce cart Font awesome icon
dfu_busacc_f_cart_icon – WooCommerce cart icon

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